World Cacao Map

World Cacao Map

Cacao is a small player when it comes to food commodities worldwide. Compare the 170 million tons of white sugar and the almost 490 million tons of rice to the meager amount of 4.7 million tons of cacao, and you understand the modest position of the 'brown gold'. Nevertheless, cacao is always attracting a lot of attention of the average consumer, negatively through African child slavery or positively through a growing number of organic farmers. 

In the meantime, we are trying our best to get Cambodian cacao on the map. We started in 2014. We had our share of climate change with an extreme drought in 2015 which killed all our new seedlings. But a good irrigation system, organic fertilizing with local cow manure, and an agroforestry tactic with many fruit trees and shadow trees, did the trick. We harvested the first tons in 2019, and hope to reach the first 100 tons of high quality and beautifully fermented cacao in 2022. 

Our goal is to change our beautiful, and sparsely populated provinces into cacao forests, and to let our tribal and Khmer farmer families join the middles classes of Asia through one of the best and most intriguing trees of our planet. We have only just started. If you wanna stay informed on our journey, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter ;-)

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