The cacao secret of the Kuna tribe

Discover how in 1944, Benjamin H. Kean, a 32 year old army surgeon stationed in the Panama Canal Zone by the US army, discovered a bizarre cacao phenomenon at the Kuna indians living on the San Blas archipelago.

The article is written by Stefan Struik and Chanthol Chean, founders of Kamkav Farm, and is published on It describes how finally in the 1990s, professor Hollenberg created a breakthrough and put cacao back in the books of medical history as a superfood, able to reverse high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer.


Benjamin Kean

Dr. Benjamin H. Kean's medical journal about the Kuna Indians was forgotten for 50 years 

Kuna indians preparing cacao 

Kuna Indian woman preparing a cacao drink. Photo by Chris Kilham of Medicine Hunter

Dr Norman Hollenberg

 Medical Detective, Dr. Norman Hollenberg: 

“The most outstanding finding was the fact that most of them consume cocoa as their major drink and do so every day. Many Kuna, in that hot and humid climate, probably drink more than five cups per day. The Kuna are exposed to more cocoa than anyone else on earth, and they are living longer. This could reflect the exposure to flavonoid-rich cocoa, and if it does, then this is the most important observation since anesthesia."

You can find the full article here.  


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