Asia Cacao Collective

Asia Cacao Collective


Born out of the minds of the Thai Chumphon Collective, Kamkav Farm joined the Asia Cacao Collective, based in Kuala Lumpur. 


A Collective, not a Distributor

The idea: selling cacao on behalf of cacao farmers across Asia. And just to be clear: selling as a collective, not as a distributor. Roughly a 75% of the selling price goes directly to the farmer. The rest is used for storage, sales & distributing costs. So by buying through the Asia Cacao Collective, you support Asian farmers. And by being a collective and not a distributor, we also want to keep the prices affordable for the niche of chocolate making entrepreneurs worldwide. 


Lower Shipping Costs 

By combining different cacao resources from all across Asia, the buyer can select several small quantities of different cacao origins. As long as the total will reach a reasonable volume. By shipping them together, out of Malaysia, the buyer can save tremendously on transport costs. 


Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka 

We will start in 2021 with of course Cambodia cacao and Thai cacao but we hope we can soon add farmers from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka etc. to our collective. If you want to know more about this cacao initiative, please don't hesitate and email us through hello @

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