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You can visit our tourist and farmer Cambodian cacao center as of April 2020. Right now we are in the middle of constructing the first cacao center in Cambodia. Here you will find everything about the history of Cambodian cacao, and the process of growing Cambodian cacao. You also can book here a tour through one of our cacao farms, taste dry, fermented cacao beans or open a cacao pod.

When we are ready, you will find on this page – around April 2020 – a link to book a tour and all the information about the cacao tour. One of our fellow farmers is preparing a cacao restaurant on his cacao farm. We will include this in the tour as well.

We as the farmers in the provinces Mondulkiri and Rattanakiri are very proud to be the ones that introduced cacao in Cambodia. And we would love to show you what we have achieved up to now.

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