In 2014 a Dutchman and a Cambodian, Stefan Struik and Chanthol Chean, became friends and decided to establish a Cambodian cacao company called Kamkav Farm. Our founders bought land in a hilly and forested area near the famous Bu Sra waterfall in Mondulkiri. 

Because they lacked more detailed knowledge about cacao, they turned to the Vietnamese expert Dinh Lam for help. With the support of Lam, they started the first cacao farm in Cambodian history. 

 The initiative almost failed due to a devastating drought in 2015. Our company lost almost all of the cacao trees. We were knocked out but decided to start all over again. 

At the end of 2016 Stefan Struik got unknowingly involved in a brutal scandal caused by two Vietnamese at our farm. It became a very sensitive political issue, but we all kept supporting our founder. Our perseverance was finally rewarded at the end of 2018 with our first cacao pods. 

 Now we can proudly say that we put our Kingdom of Wonder on the world map as the 67th country that is producing cacao. And not just ordinary cacao but cacao with a truly unique flavor profile; thanks to the organic approach, the red soil, the altitude, the weather conditions in genera, and also our fermentation techniques, taught by Brazilian prof.dr. Albertus Eskes.

cacao farmers in Cambodia
cacao trees
2021 yield in kgs

Team members

Chanthol Chean - founder & CEO Kamkav Farm 

Stefan Struik - founder Kamkav Farm & director Culture Choc 

Thentam Bun - Kamkav Farm Assistant Plantation Manager

Sophal Plunh - Kamkav Farm team leader in Bu Sra

Vangmienh Song - Kamkav Farm Team leader in Sre Ampom & Nursery manager

Veasna Em - Director CFARM

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The red volcanic soils of the hilly provinces of Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri are very suitable for cacao. Cambodian and Bunong tribe farmers joined together under the umbrella of the new cacao association CFARM (Cacao Farmers Association Ratanakiri & Mondulkiri). This association is guiding these farmers in their efforts to grow cacao organically and through agroforestry practices.

Culture Choc

The Malaysian company Culture Choc Sdn Bhd is assisting Kamkav Farm in selling her cacao through their distribution hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Asia Cacao Collective

Amy is the Thai-Canadian leader of the Chumphon Collective, a Thailand Farmer Collective by farmers for farmers. She initiated, together with Kamkav Farm, the Asia Cacao Collective for cacao farmers all across Asia. ACC will sell cacao of Asian cacao farmers on behalf of these farmers. ACC is NOT a distributor. ACC is a collective. Most of the sales price (except roughly 20% for marketing and sales) will go to the farmers themselves. ACC will also operate out of Malaysia.