Chocolate In 2118

Remember the headlines a while ago about chocolate on track to go extinct in a couple of decennia? As being cocoa farmers ourselves, we did some research and concluded that this would not be the case. We will still eat chocolate, even 100 years from now. However, chocolate might be much more expensive and look…
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4 Reasons For Chickens At Your Cocao Farm

We love chickens. Our cocoa trees love chickens. But our termites and other harmful insects hate them. Whenever you want to start with cocoa farming, and you want to do this organically, we strongly recommend you to also buy a bunch of chickens. Free eggs, free chicken meat (if you are not a vegetarian), free…
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Cocao & The Power of Knowledge

we want to give other people who like to start with cocoa an easy access to more knowledge about cocoa; to help them to avoid making the costly mistakes that we made in the beginning, simply because we lacked the most important asset of all: knowledge. How it began We had been driving uphill for…
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