Cocoa Tree named after you?

A new cocoa tree named after you! For free!

We are launching this unique idea in January 2019. We will put a small nameplate to a cocoa tree with your name on it. Given that this tree will have a healthy long life of at least 25 years, you will have for the next decades a tree in the mountainous province of Mondulkiri, in the east of Cambodia, with your name on it. Every 3 months, we will take a picture of the tree to show you how it develops and grows.

Where ever you are in the world, in the USA, in China, in Scandinavia or South Africa, you can proudly say that there is a tree carrying your own name in this remote province of Cambodia.

For the first 250 people who will message us, we will do this completely for free. After this period we will charge $5 per tree. So, if you want to have a cocoa tree named after you, don't hesitate and message us now!

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