Contract Farming

Update 1 July 2018: for more info on cocoa contract-farming by kamkav Farm, see also this article

Contract farming and growing cocoa almost failed

We brought cocoa to Cambodia to the Mondulkiri province. We made many mistakes along the way and lost all our trees due to one of the most severe droughts in recent decades, but we learned from our mistakes. We also went to Vietnam and Thailand to ask for assistance. The path to our cocoa success was long and winding, but we are finally reaching the stage where we can say with pride that we succeeded in bringing cocoa to Cambodia. 


Now it’s your turn! 

We want to put Cambodian cocoa on the map, but we can’t do it alone. If you’re interested in starting cocoa production, we want to help you. We already have interest from several chocolatiers and bean-to-bar producers, but we simply can’t produce enough organic Cambodian cocoa ourselves. We need the help of other farmers. We must cultivate a substantial amount of high-quality, fermented, organic cocoa beans to make an impact and supply chocolate companies around the globe. Currently, you can find chocolate bars with organic chocolate from fantastic countries like Ecuador and Congo. In the near future, we also want to see chocolate bars at airports and coffee shops made from organic Cambodian cocoa.






Contract farming

In order to achieve the goal of producing larger amounts of organic Cambodian cocoa, we are developing a contract farming plan. How does it work? If you have a few hectares of land in Cambodia that you want to use for cocoa, please contact us at (if you want to communicate in English) or at (if you prefer to exchange info in Khmer). 

We will draw up a contract in which we guarantee to buy the cocoa from you after two to three years for the London Cocoa World Price, in USD. You can easily follow the London cocoa price on the Internet (for instance, at the end of March 2018, the price of one kilogram of cocoa was $2.51).

Cocoa seedlings

We will provide you with the cocoa seedlings you will need from our nursery. You can pay for the seedlings immediately or once you sell your first cocoa beans to us. We can also give you banana seedlings. You need banana (and other fruit trees) to create enough shade for the young cocoa seedlings. This also means that you will already have some income from banana production in those first two years (before you need to cut back most of the banana trees). 

Our staff will visit your farm every month for half a day to guide and assist you, ensuring that you become successful in your cocoa venture. It is in our best interest for you to sell the highest quality organic cocoa to us. 

We will start with cocoa contract-farming in 2019, but you can contact us now to begin the collaboration. Feel free to drop a note to (for English) or (for Khmer) or call Chanthol at 0977663336


Cocoa Price per MT

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