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We grow and ferment the very first Cambodian cacao beans in history in the tribal lands of the Bunong people. Thanks to the organic Anima® fermentation technique our beans are very low in bitterness, astrigency and acidity. Each subvariety of cacao beans we offer, marks itself by a different floral, herbal, nutty and cacao flavor profile. 

Bunong Cacao

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Passionfruit Cacao Tropmix®

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Palmyra blossom sugar

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CacaoNuts® with cacao powder

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Cacao Perfume®

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Transport/ Export costs

Ex works 

Please contact us through where we can help you to get the lowest EXW transport/export costs from our farm location in Mondulkiri to your port of destination. As from 600 kg (one m3) we will provide you with a Country of Origin (CO) certificate & a Phytosanitary certificate. 

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