Product: CacaoNuts® with cacao powder

Bunong CacaoNuts® with cacao powder

An invention by Dr. Ir. Albertus Eskes, made from the Bunong cacao beans in our provinces. If something deserves the term superfood, it is CacaoNuts® 


The taste sequence is mild cacao, strong almond and a balanced sweet/acidulous/fruity flavor. The finish-off is that of a floral aroma such as jasmine, lilly or rose. The nutty/fruity flavors persist longtime in the mouth. The cacao powder just gives it this little extra of cacao taste.


CacaoNuts contain a number of polyphenolic compounds, but are particularly rich in flavonoids—specifically, flavanols, also called flavan-3-ols. The main flavanols found in cacaoNuts are epicatechin and catechin, and procyanidins. Procyanidins provide the majority of antioxidant activity in cocoaNuts. The total amount of Flavanols + procyanidins – according to a NCBI publication – is 106mg in 100 gram apple, 170mg in 100 gram dark chocolate, 1400mg in cacao liquor, and – to our own research results – 3,500mg (3.5%) in 100 gram CacaoNuts.
CacaoNuts further consist of ca 19% fiber and 14% protein. Many nutritionists are concerned about the lack of fiber in people’s diets (the ‘fiber-gap’). Protein boosts metabolism and Increases fat burning.


CacaoNuts® are made from the Bunong cacao beans, which will be certified as organic (NOP & EOS) by Ecocert Singapore around August 2020.


A very tasty, superhealthy, and mild-sweet, natural snack, without any added sugar. It makes you wonder why you still should eat raw cacao chocolate. In contradiction to raw cacao chocolate (and for that matter to all chocolate products) CacaoNuts® are the most complete cacao product that exist. They not only consist of the cacaobean but also of the cacao pulp and the thin cacao bean husk. 
You can eat it as a stand-alone snack, add it in your salad or yoghurt, or – when you are a chocolate maker – add it to your chocolate bar as an extra ingredient.