Product: Bunong Cacao Beans

Bunong Cacao Beans 

Bunong Cacao Beans, grown organically in the Cambodian hilly highlands of Mondulkiri and Rattanakiri by local Khmer and Bunong tribal farmers, on red volcanic soil, from grafted crossings between Trinitario and Forastero. 


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These are our original mix of cacao beans, originated from the cacao trees of our farms in Mondulkiri, Cambodia. The trees are all part of a Trinitario x Forastero variety, preselected in Malaysia and later on further developed in Vietnam before they were brought to Cambodia in 2014. As from 2016 we graft all the new seedlings ourselves in our own nursery


Ecocert Singapore is guiding us in our process of becoming fully organic. We only use cow manure mixed with other natural ingredients, as a fertilizer. And we make our own special organic pest control, made from the leaves and bask of the Neem tree. August 2020 we will get our final audit and hope to receive the NOP & EOS organic certificates.


Thanks to the almost 50 years experience of Dutch-Brazilian Albertus Eskes, we now fully realize that it is not roasting but fermentation that is the most important part in the development of the flavor of the cacao. Especially the pulp in the cacao pod around the beans has a huge influence on the flavor development. That’s why we think craft chocolate makers should reposition themselves from Bean2Bar (or Tree2Bar) to Pulp2Bar chocolate makers ;-).

All our beans are now fermented through Anima® fermentation technology, invented by Dr. Ir. Albertus Eskes. As a result the astringency, the acidity and bitterness are all very low.