About Kamkav Farm

At the end of the 19th century colonists of French Indochina made some attempts to start growing cocoa in Vietnam. Because of the disappointing results they never expanded it to Cambodia. Eventually they also gave it up in Vietnam (but cocoa was successfully re-introduced in Vietnam in the early 2000's).
In 2014 our Cambodian company Kamkav Farm chose the forested province of Mondulkiri to launch cocoa in Cambodia for the very first time. The initiative almost failed due to a devastating drought in 2015. We lost almost all of our trees.
We were knocked out but decided to start all over again and our perseverance was finally rewarded in 2018 with our first harvest. Meanwhile, many small-scale farmers in Cambodia have become interested in cocoa. This has given us the idea to start a cocoa nursery, and to use our acquired knowledge for fellow farmers. In 2019 we will start with a contract-farming program in which we support and guide other farmers in their cocoa adventure.
We only use organic fertilisers like cow manure, and - thanks to intercropping with banana, avocado and other fruit trees - we have very few problems with fungi and insects so we never have to use chemical pesticides. Therefore we are now busy with the help of Ecocert in Singapore to acquire an organic certification (EOS and NOP) .
We are also GMP certified through Bureau Veritas in Thailand.